The Remarkable Ones

The Story Behind The Remarkable Ones


driven by the relentless pursuit of the untold story


the remarkable ones is the brainchild of the emmy-award winning storytellers at stillmotion + muse storytelling. 

Every episode is crafted with the Muse Storytelling Process. The Muse Process helps to identify and articulate the strength of each of our characters that's woven into a powerful story structure.

While every episode of The Remarkable Ones is entirely unique, they share a common theme of having incredibly strong characters, a powerful conflict, and a tight story structure. The Muse Process helps ensure every episode leaves a mark.

The philosophy behind Muse is that one must guide the heart to move the mind. We need to move people emotionally if we wish to have any hope in broadening their perspective or changing their behavior.

If you're interested in improving your own storytelling, you can check out our introductory course The 4 Building Blocks For Emotionally Moving Story.


You can see how every episode of The Remarkable Ones was built by grabbing a free trial of our software, Storybuilder.

Simply create your account, head on over to the community, and join any of the released episodes. Once inside you can dive into each character, look at the plot structure, understand the Story Keywords, and even export the original story boards.