The Remarkable Ones

Every Episode Of The Remarkable Ones Is Carefully Curated And Meticulously Crafted.

Here are the tools we use to bring each episode to life.


Rode is a primary supporter in bringing the remarkable ones to life


audio in the field and for our podcast

Rode has been a huge part of making The Remarkable One's possible. They were the first partner to believe in our vision enough to help support the series. Rode has been an instrumental part in bringing these episodes to life. 

Small crews and short production timelines can't mean poor audio, not if we have any hope of getting these stories shared. The Rode boom pole paired with the NTG 4+ shotgun mic has been our go to for all interviews. On camera audio is done with the Rode Video Mic Pro (on the C100) or the Stereo XY Mic (on the Red Epic). And the podcast about the making of this series is done with the Rode Podcaster.




Story building Software

Every episode of TRO is built using the Muse Storytelling Process, which helps to ensure we have the best characters in the world, and that the episodes come together with a powerful plot. As we gather research on potential episodes, we use the Storybuilder software to qualify characters, develop the story structure, and clearly define the purpose of each piece–keeping our team on track.


Call Sheets and production planning

Studio binder helps us manage the complexities of international productions on tight timelines. We only need to add our crew once and then we can instantly add them to future productions. The software manages delivery of the call sheets and even gets confirmation that they've been received. Plus, it has some handy extra features such as auto-populating the weather and sunrise times.

We've just started to dive in, but thus far studio binder has been a much better way to manage our productions. The software also supports shot lists, storyboards, script breakdowns, and more.




filmmaking education and stock footage

Staying on top of the latest technology and trends can be time incredibly time consuming. Yet being informed is a critical part of choosing the right tools for you. Story & Heart, along with their Academy of Storytellers, is a powerful platform where you can access countless tutorials, worksheets, and all the filmmaking knowledge you can soak up.

We use the Academy when we need to explore some new ideas. Their content on making a podcast was instrumental in helping us develop our podcast Chasing Remarkable. And their footage licensing is always a helpful option when we need high-quality and relevant b-roll to finish off an episode.

Much of our footage from this series can be found on their platform to license as well :)


camera grip and accessories

Every episode of The Remarkable Ones is made with a small crews in what are often pretty unique environments (ie. an elephant sanctuary, or a small airplane). We choose Zacuto gear to help do more with our small crew, while also feeling confident that everything is built to last.

We most often use the Z-Finder for the C100, the follow-focus for the Canon Cinema Primes, and an assortment of grip pieces including their base plates which let's us quickly adapt the camera setup as needed.  




audio repair And Mixing

Fix and Mix Audio quickly repairs and enhances your audio. Remove wind noise, echo, airplanes, pops, sizzles, bangs - whatever happened on set doesn’t need to stay in your audio! 

They have a fast and simple process to clean your sound to super duper shiny smooth. Your clients will say “oh wow” and your story will be heard with clarity on any device. No more long nights of tweaking noise reduction settings only to have the audio sound worse than where it began - they offer 24hr turnaround service at a cost far below industry average.

Without clear dialogue, the message suffers. We ensure that dialogue can not only be heard but sounds better than ever. Crisply, perfectly balanced dialogue upgrades the quality of your productions to a next level.

Simply upload your tracks, select options and they do the rest.


Video Feedback and review

Wipster helps our team collaborate as the episodes and trailers work their way through post. As a team that often has at least one member travelling, having Wipster as our online video review platform ensure that we're all on the same page, and that feedback makes it in on time for a pretty hectic launch schedule. 


Color Correction

The Remarkable Ones is shot on a range of cameras including the Red Epic, C100, C300, and more. As production happens when we can make a couple days, we often shoot with what we have on hand. Filmconvert is our go-to plug-in for color correction. It let's us load a profile for each camera and picture profile used so that we can quickly match footage. More than that, it is the best film emulation option which, for a series of intimate and real stories, the curve and grain of film is far more relevant.