TRO Advocates rally around a shared belief in the power of stories to shake things up and catalyze positive change.

They believe in our mission and help us build community around The Remarkable Ones by sharing content. They get early access to all episodes for review, a free course, and a profile on the site, and we share their stories and content on social media. These are inspiring and inspired folks, passionate about story and willing to 'stand up' for the series. We love sharing what they create! Apply here if you're interested in joining the advocate team.


MEET THE TRO Advocates


Brendan Reilly

For as long as he can remember, Brendan has been enamored with storytelling. From novels to music lyrics, the ability to singularly capture an audience's imagination with a powerful story was incredibly exciting. 

He started in print journalism, but as the industry struggled, he looked for other ways to tell compelling stories, while still making a decent living. About 8 years ago, Brendan landed at a non-profit that ran digital media literacy programs in Boston public high schools and used his writing skills to collaborate with filmmakers in guiding his students. 

The experience was hugely impactful for him. Ever since, he's been using cameras to tell stories of interesting people he comes across.

Three years ago he discovered documentary filmmaking, "My first foray into that realm was GRAYSON, a story about a family who lost their first child to a rare condition shortly after he was born and the bond they formed with the NICU nurse who fought day and night to save their child."

"Looking back on this, I can list a hundred different things that I would do differently today, from technical aspects of the production, to editing, pacing and more. It's the very definition of imperfect, but I learned a great deal while making it and I wouldn't be the storyteller I am today if I didn't make those mistakes."

"As odd as it may seem, I'm excited to make more mistakes along the way to my future successes, because I know I'll be better off for having learned from them. With resources like MUSE and The Remarkable Ones, I have no shortage of inspiration or tools to get the job done."

Instagram: @reelreilly


Fujii SHota

Fujii lives in Japan, where it's difficult to even talk about story, "Many people have their own thoughts about  'story' and almost no one believes there is a way to teach storytelling."

He started out studying business accounting, but he was bored. He skipped class and snuck into the Economics lecture next door, his heart beating fast.

"The professor taught us about economic growth. I liked the idea that such simple equations can explain such complex changes," and it totally shifted his perspective. Yet, he wasn't satisified. 

Fujii wanted to do something that ordinary Econ students don't. He realized that he could take what inspired him from economics: seeing the world from a new point of view - and apply it to film. He'd taught himself economics, so he was confident he could learn to be a filmmaker, too. 

He searched for mentors on the internet, following them closely: "One of them was MUSE, which offers me new ways to make a story with my camera. I spent almost 4 years learning filmmaking. Now I do wedding and corporate filmmaking based on the ideas from MUSE."

Now he's committed to inspiring the next generation of Japanese filmmakers through story, "I am honored to help spread The Remarkable Ones in Japan."



Chris Martin

It’s late and Chris can’t sleep. The bank accounts are getting lower and the bill piles are growing taller. He just gave notice to one of his side jobs: He's quitting, moving on so that he can spend all of his time building his business and living his dream. But he is doubtful, wondering if he's an imposter,  "Maybe I’m not as good as others. I don’t have the gear or the connections."

Chris wants to help others grow by creating and telling stories, teaching what he knows, and coaching others to overcome the things that hold them back: "I want to be the person I needed for the past 20 years, so that others won’t wait like I did." He does away with modern-day conceptions of what they may look like: a talking head guru or self promoter.

"I want to be a creative evangelist of story and humanity. To share how amazing work affects me, changes me, and will transform you if you let it,"  A desire that drives him to act in spite of fear. 

The bank accounts are not where he wants them, but the bill piles are slowly shrinking. He is different because he moves toward a vision of a better world. He toes the line between conflict and desire—a paradox—a symbiotic relationship between decisions, growth, and fear. Take away just one and life crumbles into complacency.

Twitter: @cmstudios
Facebook: @chrismartinstudios